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  • High Road Workplace

    Good workplaces that value their employees, foster a sense of purpose and transparency are considered great places to work. Is your business a High Road Workplace? Learn more to find out.

  • Protect Ohio’s Municipal Water

    Tell Ohio legislators to support H.B. 29 and repeal a provision that would allow certain residents to significantly alter the buffer zones that help protect public water supplies.

About Us

We are business leaders that believe building a sustainable economy is entirely compatible with a healthy environment and society, in fact we know that sustainable practices are better for business.

  1. Economic Development that is smart, equitable, and community centric

    We believe in the power of the market and that government should empower the engines of our economy—businesses and social enterprises—to be the agents of recovery and revitalization. By removing obstacles, creating appropriate incentives, providing support, and partnering, government can help create an enabling environment in which restorative, equitable, and sustainable economic models can thrive.

  2. Energy that is clean and renewable

    To ensure Ohio's competitiveness, strengthen job opportunities, and improve health and quality of life and we need a cleaner, more sustainable, energy future. Ohio needs strong standards for energy efficiency and investment in the generation of renewable energy that will lower energy costs for large and small businesses and all Ohioans.

  3. Taxes that are fair and effective for multiple stakeholders

    Taxes are how we pay for all the government investments and services we all want. Taxes are an effective tool to reduce economic inequality and provide incentives for sustainable economic development. OSBC works to increase tax equity for small businesses, reduce tax haven abuse by multinational firms, and eliminate unnecessary tax cuts for mature industries. Policymakers must consider economic, environmental, and social impacts when crafting tax policies. Such policies help to fund infrastructure improvement, R&D, education, public services, and business innovation.

  4. Agriculture that is ecological, local and sustainable

    Food quality, affordability and safety are cornerstones to a sustainable economy. OSBC works to support agricultural and food policy and legislation that reflect that help sustain economically-profitable and environmentally sustainable farms, promote local and regional food systems, provide capital access, promote public health, and support economic equity for agriculture workers.

  5. Trade that benefits all segments of the diverse economy

    Free but fair trade welcomes companies of all sizes and considers all of stakeholders in the economy. It balances short-term, economic efficiency with sustainability, the robustness of an economically diverse economy, environmental stewardship, and the unique needs of each trading partner nation.

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