Green Scoop Pet Waste Recycling Columbus

Green Scoop is the first business in the U.S. to turn your pet's waste into ENERGY (natural gas & electricity).

Serving the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area, Green Scoop provides yard cleaning and bucket pickup service of pet and food waste as well as all natural, locally produced cat litter. Pet waste station services are also offered for dog parks, veterinary clinics, apartments and other commercial properties.

Founder Jendell Duffner, an innovative entrepreneur with a fascination for how all of nature works together in complex systems that benefit the environment and ensure that nothing is wasted. To us, this process is called “recycling” but nature does the same thing much more efficiently, resulting in a natural balance and a healthy environment. By creating a business that is environmentally and socially responsible, while making a profit and creating jobs, she is demonstrating that working with nature is good for business.

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