A free and open internet is much more than a business tool. It is, in fact, the equal playing field essential to real competition and a chance at success for small businesses. “Net neutrality” is how we ensure this market essential—by requiring Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to allow access to all content and data at the same speed and for the same price, regardless of the source.

Right now, our free and open internet is under serious attack—and with it, our nimble, robust, entrepreneurial marketplace. The newly appointed chair of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has already begun the formal process of repealing net neutrality!

Broadband and connectivity are absolutely vital to American business enterprise. So is our strong legal foundation that protects competitiveness. Net neutrality makes sure Internet service providers (ISPs) cannot discriminate against websites, services, and apps; and cannot impose new fees that harm small businesses. If the FCC ends net neutrality, it will end up favoring a few huge corporations at the expense of all other businesses.

But there are two powerful things you can do to stop it.

  • Be the credible voice of business and help us tell federal legislators and the media how important net neutrality is to you.
  • Be part of the national internet-wide Day of Action on July 12 to save net neutrality. Download free graphics and turnkey tools to participate with your website and social media accounts.

Our market economy depends on real competitiveness, and that depends on our free and open internet. Government says it listens to what business wants. Let’s make sure they hear we want net neutrality.

Thank you for doing your part.

Richard Eidlin
Co-founder & VP of Policy and Campaigns
American Sustainable Business Council