The long-awaited reforms of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) passed in June of 2016, with nearly all stakeholders  in agreement that we needed a stronger federal chemical safety system to restore public confidence and benefit both business and public health.  Since then the new administration and  EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt have embarked in a systematic slowdown, delay or rollback of new health protections, even those called for by large bipartisan majorities in Congress. Read more about that issue.

Eliminating Toxics in your Business

So what is the sustainable minded business professional to do to reduce the use of products containing toxic chemicals in your operations? We have gathered some resources below address various areas of business where you can take charge by implementing smart purchasing decisions.

Reducing the use of toxic chemicals can produce business benefits including lower costs for waste disposal, raw materials, worker protection or liability coverage; increased production efficiency; reduced sick days and more.

Customers and employees are looking for responsible businesses that make proactive decisions away from harmful chemicals. Communicating the positive changes that your business makes to eliminate these toxins will resonate with your customers and your employees.


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