About Us

Ohio Sustainable Business Council (OSBC) is a statewide coalition of businesses and  business networks committed to public policies at the local, state, and federal levels that support a vibrant, just, and sustainable economy.  OSBC advocates for policies that result in strong and healthy communities, a clean environment, and a just society.

The business community must play a key role in growing our economy in a manner that creates good jobs and lays the foundation for sustainable economic growth and a strong middle class. OSBC ensures that businesses that believe in sustainability have a voice and an active presence in the policy making process both in Columbus and throughout Ohio.

OSBC supports a sustainable Ohio economy in several ways:

  • We advocate for legislation and other policy actions
  • We provide a platform that enables policy makers and policy experts to engage with business professionals, including executives, investors, entrepreneurs, and owners.
  • We help our members engage with the media on matters relating to sustainability.
  • We conduct polls and surveys of owners of sustainable businesses to understand their views and concerns on policy issues.
  • We commission research on issues that involve sustainability.
  • We communicate to policy makers, businesses, and the press how a sustainable economy based on triple bottom line principles (people, planet, and profit) is good for business and good for Ohio.

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