Protect EPA Funding

Over the last five years, Ohio has received more than three-quarters of a billion dollars in grants from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to protect the state’s environment and economy. Additional EPA dollars have gone straight to local and regional projects that improved our air and water quality and enabled businesses to thrive.

Now, the Trump Administration and some members of Congress are working to weaken the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and cut its budget to its lowest level since the 1970s. Hollowing out the EPA would be a disaster for Ohio’s economy, health and tourism.  The cuts will have deep impact on Ohio's environment.

The proposed budget:

  • Eliminates the Great Lakes Great Lakes Restoration Initiative that monitors water quality, fight runoff pollution and clean up toxic sites. Since 2012, $43 million in grants protecting and restoring the lakes.
  • Eliminates the Non-point Source Pollution Management Program (Section 319) that helps reduce runoff pollution from roads, parking lots and excessive fertilizer. Since 2012 over $23.2 million has been spent.
  • Cuts by 45% Performance Partnership Grants to help Ohio EPA with their priority issues. Since 2012, $59.3 million in grants awarded.
  • Eliminates the Leaking Underground Storage Tank program that protects water and soil from tanks leaking chemicals
  • Deep cuts in Water Pollution Control Programs that improve water quality and prevent runoff.
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Take Action

Join Ohio business leaders that believe this is not the time to move backward on Ohio's environment & economy. Urge policymakers to fully fund the EPA.

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As responsible business owners and associations, we urge you to reject the Administration’s proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget and to fully fund the agency to ensure a level playing field for all businesses.

We are a community of innovators that can drive the 21st century economy. Our companies employ many Ohioans and contribute to the economy. We’ve all committed to responsibly use natural resources, address climate change, manufacture or sell safer products and chemicals, grow healthy food, generate renewable energy, or reduce consumption and waste. But allowing others to pollute and break the law puts our companies’ bottom lines and jobs at risk. Without fair environmental rules and enforcement to create a level playing field, the system enables some companies to follow the lowest possible standards and the old way of doing business.

We know from the recent past that without environmental protections certain companies will choose to pollute to save costs. But we also know those costs are simply paid for by others in the form of dirty water, polluted communities, and public health impacts. It’s a myth that the cost of regulations exceeds the benefit, and it has been shown time and time again that regulations provide a net benefit to the economy. The Office of Management and Budget reported in 2012 that a decade of major federal rules produced annual benefits to the U.S. economy of between $193-$800 billion, but a cost of only $57-$84 billion. And, EPA regulations were the most favorable in terms of cost vs. benefit, accounting for between 58-80 percent of the benefits, but only 44-54 percent of the costs.

In Ohio, the environmental improvements to river ecosystems and the Great Lakes Restoration Project have supported the revitalization of Cleveland and the tourism industry along Lake Erie. Cutting these programs would affect the quality of life in many Ohio communities and shift the burden to already stressed local entities.

Additionally, it is essential that our communities are healthy places to live for us to recruit and retain the best employees. We care that our workers and their families do not have to worry about the quality of their drinking water or that their children are at risk from pollution. The EPA serves a critical role in making that happen. The pathway to a sustainable future economy does not include cutting EPA funding that reduces air pollution, ensures clean and plentiful water, improves our understanding of climate change, incentivizes energy efficiency, and promotes innovation in safer chemicals.

We strongly urge you to fully fund the EPA.

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