24Feb 2017

For the last two decades, we have see resurgence of main streets and farmers markets while indoor malls struggled. This articles sheds some light on the trend that is here to stay. For centuries, commerce and fresh air went together. They’re starting to again. Source: Shopping Inside Is Out

17Feb 2017

California added 483,000 jobs in 2015, a growth rate of 3 percent, which was twice as fast as Texas’ 1.5 percent rate, PolitiFact found. California’s employment gains slowed to 2 percent last year through November, but still outpaced Texas’ 1.6 percent. And by the measure of GDP, California’s grew faster than Texas’ in the first […]

30Jan 2017

We had an interesting 2016 with major policy challenges and opportunities for collaboration. We look forward to an exciting new year for sustainable business in Ohio. Clean Energy: OSBC was active on energy issues in 2016. Last January, as the controversy grew over power purchase agreements to guarantee profits to AEP and First Energy to […]

16Dec 2016
Design Energy renewable energy design

Design Energy is an Ohio-based company that designs, builds, manages and finances commercial business and residential scale solar power systems, including community-based solutions. The company employs Ohio tradespeople and manufacturing to bring the benefits of utility-scale and community scale solar generation to cities, towns, and villages of Ohio. Design Energy’s client The Village of Minster […]

15Dec 2016

On December 8, 2016 the Ohio General Assembly passed Substitute House Bill 554 by lame duck session.  During the prior week, OSBC executive director, Mayda Sanchez, delivered letters from business executives from across Ohio urging legislators to oppose HB 554 and SB 220, that seek to make Ohio’s clean energy standards voluntary. The following letters […]

29Nov 2016
Lucky Penny Farm & Creamery Ohio

 Lucky Penny Farm is a special place where art, agriculture, and family intersect. Although it exists for us as century home and family farm in Ohio, its just as much a state of mind dedicated to food, family, living simply and sustainably and using our hands for good work- in the kitchen, in the garden, […]

16Oct 2016

Economists have long argued that increases in worker pay can lead to improvements in productivity—indeed, that it can actually be profitable to pay workers higher wages.  Last year, Justin Wolfers and Jan Zilinsky of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, decided to explore literature and theory on how pay increases influence productivity. Their article summarizes […]

22Jul 2016
health care costs

A Brief History of the U.S. employer-based Healthcare system by Alice Faryna M.D. The USA is unique in the industrialized world in avoiding a move to an equitable form of universal coverage, stemming back to the post depression era of the 1930’s. Blue Cross was created to help Baylor University’s troubled HC facilities, by offering […]

20Jun 2016

Policy Forum on Conservative Thought and Sustainability   OSBC was an organizing partner for this interactive policy forum — bringing together national and Cleveland area business leaders, policy makers, the media and RNC delegates — to examine the financial benefits that companies large and small are realizing through environmental sustainability practices. Held July 20th Cleveland-Marshall College […]