11Jun 2016

Village Bakery & Cafe opened in 2002 with a mission to support farms in the foothills of Appalachian Ohio, by nourishing our neighbors and inspiring a culture of interdependence.  Our progress is measured by how much we can “invest” our purchasing power in organic, fair trade, and renewable systems, and how little we can contribute […]

11Jun 2016
Village Bakery Athens Ohio

Congratulations to OSBC member, Christine Hughes, owner of the Village Bakery & Cafe! Village Bakery & Cafe is one of the three winners of Green America’s Spring 2016 People & Planet Award, in the organics category. Each winner receives a $5,000 prize to support their business’s green mission. “We are so thrilled to accept this […]

19May 2016
Photo by Robert S. Donovan flickr.com/photos/booleansplit/

OSBC members and friends are invited to join this ASBC Webinar: The Conservative Case for a National Carbon Tax : Former Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC) Catrina Rorke, R Street Institute Fifth in a series of Webinars about Climate Change June 8th, 4 – 5 PM ET Stopping climate change will ultimately require action from Congress. […]

04Apr 2016
scotus photo

On March 16, 2016, President Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland to fill the seat on the Supreme Court after the unexpected passing of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. As of April 4th, the Senate has taken no action to begin the confirmation hearings. The Ohio Sustainable Business Council delivered a letter urging our Ohio Senator Rob […]

24Mar 2016

By Zach Bernstein The debate over whether climate change is real is essentially settled. Now the question is, what are we going to do about keeping temperatures from rising out of control? Here’s one idea: Support a carbon tax. This might seem odd, especially given the name, but carbon taxes are becoming more and more […]

22Mar 2016

House bill that would stifle states requiring their own GMO labeling fails in the Senate. While some companies prepare to comply voluntarily to meet consumer demand, others continue to resist. Senate bills remain, however, that threaten mandatory labeling efforts.

10Mar 2016
Third Sun Solar

Third Sun Solar is the premier full-service provider of clean energy systems in the Midwest. They have earned a sterling reputation with over 14 years of experience and more than 400 successful clean energy installations. Third Sun guides customers toward the best solar solution, they make solar pay off—in the short term and the long run—for every one of their customers.

10Mar 2016

Sustainability Studies theme brings Frances and Anna Lappé, a mother-daughter team internationally renowned for their work on sustainable food systems, food justice and grassroots democracy, to Ohio University in March to discuss “The Sustainable Food Movement Rising.” The founders of the Small Planet Institute will discuss sustainable food systems in a lecture on Wednesday, March […]

24Jan 2016
Evergreen Cooperatives

The initiative was designed to create an economic breakthrough in Cleveland. Rather than a trickle-down strategy, it focuses on economic inclusion and building a local economy from the ground up. Rather than offering public subsidy to induce corporations to bring what are often low-wage jobs into the city, the Evergreen strategy calls for catalyzing new businesses, owned by their employees.

21Jan 2016
sustainable ohio

Building Statewide Infrastructure in Ohio In 2015, the Ohio Sustainable Business Council officially incorporated as a non-profit and hired its executive director based in Columbus. OSBC redesigned its website to enable more effective member recruitment, outreach for state-level campaigns, organizing events, and to ensure communication with the diverse businesses and organizations around the state. OSBC […]

26Oct 2015
sustainability return on investment

For many of us running a business in a sustainable manner just feels like the right thing to do. But at the end of the day, we need to convince hard nosed business practitioners that there is a benefit to investing time and money in sustainability initiatives, especially those that look at core business practices […]

26Oct 2015

One reason why many of the world’s leading companies have become slow to “embrace” green is because folks from top executives to the most recent hire have not always understood or have been convinced that smarter usage of energy, water, raw materials and yes, human capital were smart business decisions. Here is a visual explanation […]

19Nov 2014

On 9/18, small business owners in the Toledo area gathered at the Duket Architects to discuss the cost that the Toledo Water crisis is having on small business owners. At the roundtable business owners shared with Ohio State Representative Teresa Fedor why quality water was so important. Tom Schaeffer is just one of the owners […]