28Dec 2017
cleaning a business

The long-awaited reforms of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) passed in June of 2016, with nearly all stakeholders  in agreement that we needed a stronger federal chemical safety system to restore public confidence and benefit both business and public health.  Since then the new administration and  EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt have embarked in a […]

05Dec 2017

The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) joined today with several prominent progressive scholars, sent a letter (linked here) to Congress urging adoption of a smart, territorial corporate income tax called sales factor apportionment (SFA). While territorial taxes are typically associated with political conservatives, the letter reveals a significant opportunity for cutting edge corporate tax […]

29Nov 2017
Michele Rapp - photo by Meghan Ralston

By Michele Rapp, CEO The Jr. Explorer Club, Upper Arlington, OH, 43221 I founded the Junior Explorer Club to provide quality latchkey services to parents in Central Columbus, Ohio. After growing frustrated with the lack of healthy options for before and after school care, I founded the Junior Explorer Club. We provide activities that involve […]

12Nov 2017
what are americans worried about survey

Every year, the Chapman University Survey of American Fears takes stock of what terrifies Americans most—but this year, they saw something new. For the first time ever, worries about the environment cracked the top 10. And Americans are worrying with good reason. The Trump Administration has proposed a budget for the EPA that would eliminate […]

27Sep 2017
Apples and agriculture

Small Family Farms Challenged by Big Ag, Big Food Systems We are all familiar with this mantra repeated by every politician: “Small business is the backbone of our economy.”  While it is a true statement, the mantra is mostly lip service when it comes to policies that consistently favor Big business.  Subsidies in the form […]