15Dec 2016

On December 8, 2016 the Ohio General Assembly passed Substitute House Bill 554 by lame duck session.  During the prior week, OSBC executive director, Mayda Sanchez, delivered letters from business executives from across Ohio urging legislators to oppose HB 554 and SB 220, that seek to make Ohio’s clean energy standards voluntary. The following letters […]

16Oct 2016

Economists have long argued that increases in worker pay can lead to improvements in productivity—indeed, that it can actually be profitable to pay workers higher wages.  Last year, Justin Wolfers and Jan Zilinsky of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, decided to explore literature and theory on how pay increases influence productivity. Their article summarizes […]

22Jul 2016
health care costs

A Brief History of the U.S. employer-based Healthcare system by Alice Faryna M.D. The USA is unique in the industrialized world in avoiding a move to an equitable form of universal coverage, stemming back to the post depression era of the 1930’s. Blue Cross was created to help Baylor University’s troubled HC facilities, by offering […]