06Jan 2018

Despite moves at the federal level to abandon an international climate change agreement and support the coal industry, clean energy soared in the U.S. 2017 largely due to market forces. (InsideClimate News)

17Feb 2017

California added 483,000 jobs in 2015, a growth rate of 3 percent, which was twice as fast as Texas’ 1.5 percent rate, PolitiFact found. California’s employment gains slowed to 2 percent last year through November, but still outpaced Texas’ 1.6 percent. And by the measure of GDP, California’s grew faster than Texas’ in the first […]

10Mar 2016

Sustainability Studies theme brings Frances and Anna Lappé, a mother-daughter team internationally renowned for their work on sustainable food systems, food justice and grassroots democracy, to Ohio University in March to discuss “The Sustainable Food Movement Rising.” The founders of the Small Planet Institute will discuss sustainable food systems in a lecture on Wednesday, March […]