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Ohio business for sustainabilityParticipate in the work of building a better, more sustainable economy by becoming a member.

Business members have opportunities to be featured as prominent spokespeople on key issues, meet directly with legislators and other policy makers at federal and state levels, network with leaders of other businesses committed to triple bottom line principles and practices and participate in our education and training programs.

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If you represent a business association or similar entity, your group can become an organizational member. Organizational members engage directly with legislator and other policy makers at federal and state levels, help set OSBC’s policy agenda, and receive policy information and opportunities to participate in policy work that you can pass along to your membership. OSBC will work with you to build your organizational voice, resources and power to participate in the work of building a more sustainable economy.

You can also participate as an individual by subscribing to our mailing list for our policy updatebusiness teams and action alerts. Become an individual supporting member for opportunities to join conference calls and webinars with policy makers and policy experts, and participate in online actions to promote policy change to build a more sustainable economy. Support our efforts with your one-time or recurring donation. For more information contact us at