Benefits of Membership

The Ohio Sustainable Business Council (OSBC) engages business leaders in the policy process, educates decision-makers and updates the media about opportunities and policies that foster an economy with shared prosperity,  environmental protection, and social justice. Your business can help lead this important effort in Ohio.

Together, responsible companies are influencing the outcome of Ohio's public policy and challenging traditional corporate positions on issues ranging from climate change to minimum wage. As a business member, your financial support and real-world business insights will help inform policymakers and the media that a sustainable economy is entirely compatible with prosperous communities, individual opportunity, a healthy environment and an equitable society.

Business membership in OSBC provides an effective voice for principled business leaders who want to engage in the policy process and related media debate. Business members help us think big-picture, build bi-partisan relationships and offer practical insights on the federal, state and local policies needed to create a better economy.

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Benefits of OSBC Business Membership Include:

• Opportunities to meet with elected officials to express your views and help influence legislation and regulatory decisions

• Engagement with local, state and federal policymakers

• Participation in press events,  hearings, webinars and specially arranged briefings with Administration officials on the issues that affect your business on the State and local level.

• Opportunity for involvement in ASBC’s annual “Sustainable Business Policy Summit” in Washington, D.C.

• Providing leadership in shaping the policy agenda of a visionary, statewide coalition of businesses

• Timely access to information and analyses on policy developments that affect your business

• Media and public relations support to tell your business story and articulate your positions on issues that matter
to your key stakeholders

• Recognition on the OSBC website and in our materials

• Leverage that comes from dozens of other businesses stand with you in advocating on issues and policies that benefit your business and industry

• Peer-to-peer business relationships with many of Ohio's leading responsible companies

By standing together and supporting a common policy agenda as forward-thinking business leaders, we amplify
our voices and enhance our mutual success, while building a better economy for all Americans. Your support will help
OSBC’s continued growth as the influential, innovative voice of Ohio business, with the presence and power to help
usher in a new economy for Ohio.

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