Ohio’s oil and gas laws need to reflect the seriousness with which we regard both the health of our communities and our environment. As a business owner that provides goods that are baked or cooked from produce farmed by local farmers, we need to stand strong on regulations that do not sacrifice our safety and well-being for industry profit.

Christine Hughes - Business Owner Village Bakery/Della Zona/Catalyst Cafe Athens, OH

Increasing the minimum wage will help put money in people’s pockets, help businesses improve our economy, and help struggling local communities thrive again. When low-wage workers get a raise, they spend that money in their local communities. This boost to consumer demand has a ripple effect benefiting the economy as a whole—businesses see increased sales and hire more workers, and GDP gets a boost as well. A fair minimum wage truly benefits everyone.

Manuel De La Serna - Business Owner

My employees and I all work hard and pay in to Social Security and Medicare, and none of us would like to see our future benefits slashed. As a business owner, I can tell you that you can’t cut your way to prosperity, it takes smart investments in the future; investments everyone should help pay for.

Ed Sauer - Business Owner Sun Sprout Farms of Central Ohio